About Us

Dispenstech Solutions was the first company to introduce industrial and customized vending to the South African market after years of extensive research.  We invested a lot of time and resources to adapt the concept for the South African market and to ensure that each client’s specific requirements can be met. The access system currently in use on site is linked to the vending machines.  Therefore no extra cards are issued as the employees will use their existing clock cards or fingerprints.

The heart of Dispenstech Solutions' value proposition is our ability to stock products and/or consumables you currently use and then supply them in ways that save you time and money.  Consumables/products include everything you currently use in your working environment that you could save money on (i.e. PPE, cleaning material, sanitary ware and any other consumables)

This system is revolutionising the industry, helping thousands of businesses drive productivity and cost savings and we are of the opinion that it can also help you.  We are confident that you won’t find a more complete, cost effective solution on the market.

We supply the vending machine(s), software and technical maintenance only.  You do not have to change your current PPE and/or consumables supplier.

Our professional approach to the vending market, range of equipment, as well as our specialized technical back-up and support ensures us being the only company that can supply a complete turnkey solution to your industrial and/or customized vending needs.

We have a wealth of experience that we are willing to pass on to you, our clients, thereby ensuring you the pleasure of “Hassle Free Vending”