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Why Choose Our Industrial Vending Machines?

Our Industrial vending machines stock the products/consumables you currently use in ways that saves you time and money. Consumables/products include everything you currently use in your workshops that you could save money on (i.e. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), workshop tools and consumables, etc.)

Increase productivity by making products available 24/7 at the point of use.  It is a great tool for job costing and it enables our customers to dramatically reduce consumption and abuse, simply because employees know they are accountable for what they use.  

With our dedicated team of professionals we can honestly say we are the experts when it comes to providing customized vending solutions and we constantly strive to be the company that offers the best service in the industry today…

More About Us

Every Dispenstech Smart Store is customized to meet each clients unique product requirements and tested to ensure trouble free vending of those items.  The reporting is flexible and a full audit report is available on every machine at any time.

It is hard to imagine a more efficient supply process.  We are confident that you won’t find a more complete, cost effective solution on the market.

With our dedicated team of professionals, we can honestly say that we are the experts in RSA when it comes to providing industrial and customized vending solutions.

Vending gives you the best of both worlds:  immediate access along with complete accountability

  1. Plug in and start saving at least 30%
  2. Increase productivity by making products available 24/7 at the point of use - employees can self-serve and get back to the job in a matter of seconds
  3. Although the product is easily accessible, every transaction is controlled and tracked
  4. Complete control over the issuing of items – frequency and quantity per item
  5. The Smart Store ensures that your employees and clients have the right products at their fingertips
  6. Dispenstech Solutions supply the machines, card readers and software to operate and manage the Smart Store. Fingerprint reader(s) to be supplied by the client (same reader as already being used on site).
  7. Locker(s) can be added to the machine(s) if the client has bigger items that cannot be dispensed from the vending machine(s).
  8. Flexible Reporting – the level of control in reporting is completely up to you
  9. It is hard to imagine a more efficient supply process